Thursday, November 29, 2007

Last week's cross at Wheeler

It was another great day of racing at Wheeler Farm. It was very cold when Ashley and I started but by the time Sam raced it had warmed up to about 40 degrees! I forgot my camera but Dave Iltis was there and got some good shots of all three of us. Click on the Zazoosh link on the right to see the great pics. I didn't label them, but if you can't tell who's who- Sam is the one that looks like a stud, Ashley manages to look beautiful even while racing, and I'm the one with my mouth hanging open suffering to hang on. Sam took 5th, I took my standard 7th (although it was closer) and Ashley took 10th. With only two more races in the series Sam is in a solid 2nd overall in the Masters 35+ A, Ashley is in 8th in the Juniors 14 and under, and I'm hanging onto 4th in the women's B. This weekend we're back at Wheeler for another cold and possibly snowy race.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ashley takes 2nd in State Championships!

Way to go Ashley! It was a beautiful day of racing at Wheeler Farm. Ashley rode well taking 2nd in the Jr. Girls category. Sam took 4th in the Master's 35+ group and Shanna struggled through her race and finished 10th in the Women's B field. We'll have to look for some Zazoosh photos. We were too busy handing off water bottles and feeds to get any pictures of yesterday's race. In a few weeks we'll have Ashley's podium pictures up.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Shanna takes a surprising 7th!

Back to cyclocross this week. It was a beautiful day for racing even if it was a bit chilly in the morning. After lots of practice and great coaching from Sam I did a lot better on my mounts and dismounts. Also, my bike was so much faster (again, thanks to Sam) and I rode a much better race. Hopefully if I can learn to be less "cordial" off the starting line and place a little higher next race. Sam raced well (as usual) and finished 5th. I forgot my camera though which is too bad because the sun was shining on the snowcapped peaks of Mnt. Timpanogas. So, here are some pictures from the very wet, muddy race in Ft. Bueneventura two weeks ago.