Sunday, May 3, 2009

5 Mile Pass

I have this great teammate that is always willing to work and sacrifice in road races for everyone else. I've seen her launch attacks and set up her teammates for the win. She's awesome! So when she wanted to mix it up and do some mountain bike racing this year I was happy to support her and give it a go. She's super tough on a mountain bike and so even though this was her first race she bypassed the beginner category and went straight for Sport. I've done a few mountain bike races and I am usually a bottom feeder in the beginner category so I happily stayed in the beginner category.

Due to the rain they shortened the loops and delayed the race. I was happy with my hard push up the hill. On the way down I did my usual and try to stay out of the way of the fast guys that were lapping me. (Thank you to everyone that tells me you're coming and which side. If you don't tell me then don't expect me to even try to stay out of your way. And if you buzz by me without a warning only to crash right in front of me don't expect sympathy.) Despite some stupid tip overs in the mud and some walking with my bike I managed to hang onto second. Kara did awesome! She finished 5th in the sport class on her heavy, old Gary Fisher.

Since yesterday's workout wasn't the physical blow out I expected I'm hoping to get in some miles today on the road bike. So far I am unmotivated to ride in the rain again. Aaaaaagh! Crazy weather!


l.g. mcfifi said...

do you still teach mondays? I want to come next week

Jennie said...

good to see you guys on mt bikes.

Rio's Rider said...

I don't see anyone on a mountain do we know that you didn't just take a picture of some muddy bikes in the back of a truck? ;)