Sunday, October 21, 2007

7th again. . . and again!

Both Saturday and Sunday were cyclocross races this weekend. Ashley opted for a wet football game and I went with Sam to Ogden to race in the mud. (Yes, I'm seeing Sam again! We are doing well after a rough summer and it is so nice to be with a guy willing to spend his weekends standing in the rain cheering me on while I flounder in the mud.)

Saturday's race was so wet and muddy. I was soaked to the bone. By the time Sam raced (the good people go last) the course was thick sticky mud. Sam had to change bikes halfway through because his was so gunked up. He rode hard and managed to pull off a brutal 3rd. I rode well and ended up 7th once again.

Sunday we were out racing at Wheeler Farm. Ashley decided to stay in her warm bed. I was tired and didn't feel like I put out my best effort. I also have a tendency to get lost and ride in circles which doesn't help. Still I finished 7th once again. After riding hard on Saturday, Sam just didn't have the push he needed to hang with an incredibly fast 35+ field and had to drop out.

We are hoping for a nice dry weekend of racing next week.

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