Sunday, October 14, 2007

More Crazy Cyclocross!!

Our second cross race was at RMR. It was my first time racing there since my season ending crash at the criterium race on May 30. Fortunately this race stayed away from the drag strip and my speeds were slow enough that even though I fell down alot there were no injuries! This was a hard course with lots of short steep sections, the usual barriers and the "Green Monster". The "Green Monster" was the terribly steep grassy section that we had to run up and traverse across (see below).

Ashley did awesome! She was the only girl in the 14 and under catergory. Out of 10 kids she took 5th (as she says- she beat 4 boys). And since she was the only girl she officially took 1st. I managed to place 7th. Which sounds better than DFL! That is all right. It was a fun race and I can only get better.

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