Sunday, December 9, 2007

More cycling in a Winter Wonderland

More Pictures are coming! They are all on Sam's computer.

Ft. Bueneventura 12/7 race report. I felt good at the start. I rode with my big fat Kona flat pedals and hiking boots instead of trying to clip into pedals full of mud and snow. I got off to a good start (one of my less cordial starts) but fell back off the pack once we hit the slick mud. I forgot to change my back tire and was racing on a very slick, almost road tire on the back. Any time I geared up and tried to use power my back tire just spun and slipped. My only hope was to gear down and spin through the course. Brandi got a good lead on me but thanks to her fall and the barriers I was able to catch her. We went back and forth for a while but I was finally able to drop her in the last lap for a 5th place finish.

Sam raced well. As usual he was hot off the start line. However, by the time he raced the entire course had turned into a big mud field. By the end of the first lap his mountain bike was no longer shifting and he was having to work hard to cut those fat tires through the mud. He switched to his cross (really more of a commuter bike) and got back on course. He held onto third for most of the race but towards the end the mud drained his power and finished 4th. Watch for muddy, snowy pictures coming soon!

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