Monday, December 3, 2007

Oh the Weather outside is Frightful- so let's go race Cross!

Soon I will have some awesome pics to go along with this post. . . .

The race was insane. I changed my pedals right before because after half a lap I couldn't clip in anymore because my shoes and clips were full of snow. My heart was pounding the whole time but it wasn't because I was working hard- just scared. On the gravel roads there were big ruts in the snow that would grab your tires and pull you in different directions (usually one tire in one direction and the other the opposite way). Because of the snow you couldn't tell where the dirt ended and the pavement started until you hit the icy pavement and started sliding. I went down so many times. I felt like I was trying to stay on a mechanical bull! My shin is black and blue from one fall and on another I got my calf run over by someone on another. I went back and forth with one girl for a while and thought I had 6th wrapped up. Then on the last stretch I wandered off into some deep snow and couldn't pedal my bike up the hill. The girl in 7th passed me so I quickly got on my bike to chase her down for the finish. Well, the chase didn't work so well and I crashed again 10 yards from the finish line. I didn't even try to get back on my bike I just ran across the finish. The really awesome thing is Sam got my whole terrible finish on video. I'm so proud.

Here's the really crazy part- Sam killed everyone in the snow. They started his field an entire minute behind the pros. He caught all but 5 of them. He lapped his own field 2x!! Everyone else is slipping and sliding and he's just riding along like it's a bright sunny day. It was unbelievable. Everyone in the crowd was cheering for him because they just couldn't beleive how fast he was going. Of course I'm jumping up and down and running around and screaming my lungs out for him. It was a blast! I got some great shots of him but he downloaded them onto his computer and then erased them off my camera. So he'll have to email them to me then I can update my blog. Brandi got some cool pics check them out on her blog at Everyone crashed several times and lots of people had snow packed into their helmets! Insane!

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