Sunday, July 13, 2008

Capital Reef Day 3- hiking and biking and eating

The ladies take a break

Capital Reef hiking

Yummy food at El Diablo. Rattlesnake cakes, rubbed Atlantic Salmon and Chai ice cream were just some of the exotic dishes we ate.

The ladies. . . Lacey, Kara, Shanna, Amy, Shannon and Sharon


Amylawinda said...

I had so much fun with you!!! I hope you have an awesome birthday.
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L.G. Fife said...

I love all your photos on your blog. Your blog is nice you do a great job. It was fun to spend sometime with you. I told my husband that was the most fun I have had in a long time! Your kids are beautiful! I was happy to find a friend to share a bday with and I enjoyed spin class! see you soon
Lacy- my blog is below