Thursday, July 31, 2008

Back in Blue

This weekend I will be back in blue. Baby blue that is. I am working as an official for the Tour of Park City. I have to admit I was a little disappointed that I wasn't racing when I saw that they were actually giving cash prizes for Women's 4. (Usually we race for socks or T-shirts). But then I remembered that the 30 miles I did at Chalk Creek last week hurt like hell and that I am in no way ready for 170 miles in the heat, money or no money.

So I still get to be there watching smooth, tan, male legs pump away for hours on end and I'll even get to see more racing than just the women's 4 field riding away from me on the hills. I'm pretty low on the officiating totem pole. That means I'll do whatever Holly and Richard tell me and hopefully not have to use any of my official powers. So race hard, race fair and I know it is hot but wear your helmet if you are on your bike.

1 comment:

Rio's Rider said...

Your title scared me for a minute! I thought maybe you'd decided to go back to your old team. Whew!

Have fun officiating!