Sunday, August 3, 2008

What a weekend. . .

This weekend was Tour of Park City. Since I was officiating I got to stay up there the night before. Ashley came with me and we headed up early for some girl time in PC. We hit the arts festival and then paid too much for Mexican food but got to sit out on the deck. She came with me on the promise that we'd get up early and hit Walmart before the race so she could read "Breaking Dawn". Unfortuntatley, we found out that Walmart in PC doesn't open until 7 am and we'd be on the course by then. She was pretty bummed.

But Holly saved the day. Ashley and I were just returning from a swim in the hotel pool when Richard called and said that Holly would pick us up a copy of the book at midnight and have it there for us pre race in the morning. THANK YOU HOLLY! Yesterday would have been a very long day of whining about when we could get the book if Holly hadn't saved the day. Holly was a bit tired when she showed up to be the Chief Ref on only 2 hours of sleep but she made both of our 13 year olds very happy.

My job yesterday was to follow the pack of 85 Cat4/5 men. They got off to a rocky start when the announcer told everyone they were the masters group. A few turned around but we got it straightened out. My daughter thought it was hilarious when she figured out why the guys were pulling off the road and she giggled even more when a few relieved themselves off thier bikes. Thanks guys for entertaining my 13 year old.

The pack stayed together for a long time. I had to warn a few guys because they were just hanging out in the left lane. I understand that we all get bumped out there but you cannot just ride out there- it is not only against the rules it is dangerous. Thankfully it wasn't anyone I knew! The field finally split with a one man break away up Chalk creek. I followed him until he was caught by about 10 others and then I followed them all into Evanston. At Evanston I got some food and headed back to the start line so that I wouldn't miss the 123 finish.

It was exciting to see teammates Jeremy Smith and Spence DeBry cross the finish line in 1st and 3rd. Clint, ET, Todd and Jan all looked strong but somehow missed a turn and hurt their finish time and placement. At the finish line we were dealing with number issues because the race bible told everyone to put their number on the Right but then the Sportsbase trailer was set up on the left. The worst part was that the finish line was in a rec center parking lot where they were holding soccer tournaments. That meant we had vans full of kids and soccer moms driving and walking where guys were trying to sprint. I thought I'd have a heart attack!

Then I saw Jamie pull up and went over to talk to her. That is when I heard about Shane getting run down by a driver. Fortunately he is okay but his bike is in peices. Patrick got in a few punches and the guy was charged with assault. I think the guy got off easy. I think he should be charged with attempted murder! Breanne also took a spill and ended up with some facial cuts. Scary stuff!

Tour of PC looks to be another Epic race/ride like Lotoja. At 12 hours we finally shut down the finish line but I'm sure there were plenty of riders still out on the course!

Here are a few pics. . . I didn't get very many. . . too busy!

I won't let her kiss boys yet but Moose in drag are okay.

Ashley riding a bike rack. Nice position although she complained that the seat was a little uncomfortable.

Today Kara and I decided to avoid cars and hit the trail. We headed north to meet Diane but she changed her mind. So we went on up to Snowbasin anyway. We picked an easier trail but it was still more climbing than I wanted to do. At the time I was wishing we'd paid the chair lift fee but I'm glad I got in a good workout. It was nice single track with a few rocky patches but nothing technical. We were done by lunch and had a nice lunch and beer on the deck at The Oaks.

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L.G. Fife said...

moose in drag- so cute- sounds like you had a great weekend- it was good to see you yesterday- hopefully I will see you this weekend or next Monday