Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday Night Worlds

Finally I made it back out to RmR tonight. My commute from work is 40 minutes to an hour and between leaving work late and my vacations I haven't made it out for a while. Tonight wasn't looking much better but Dr. V got called into do an appendectomy so he had to reschedule our meeting. Thank you to whomevers appendix burst so I could leave work early!

I am happy to report that I felt great tonight! I thought maybe they were taking it slow but I looked down a few times and we were going 28-31. I did manage to get popped off the back at about 15 minutes in. I was just not paying attention and the field sped up. I got lapped and got back on. (Sorry Gary, I didn't pay 8 bucks to ride by myself. . I do that everyday on my way to work). I did start moving up the outside down the straight away. I just wanted to not be off the back going into the turn. Somebody started whining that I couldn't contest the sprint. I assured him that I knew the rules and he wouldn't be outsprinted by a girl tonight. When the bell rang I pulled off eager to be out of the way of the craziness.

It was fun and felt good. . . . Sanpete here I come!

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