Tuesday, August 26, 2008


On my ride home from the crit I started having detailed fantasies about Crown Burger. It was then I realized I hadn't eaten since lunch! Duh. . no wonder I felt so tired at the crit. I had gu in my pocket and even a fruit roll up but forgot all about them and didn't feel hungry until I was headed home.

It was another one of those days at work. I'm not sure why Tuesdays are especially hectic but I think it may be that our psychologist is there and that is when all the crazies come in. Dr. V also finally made it out after surgery so I could parade him around to all my physicians. I don't think I'd ever go to him. Not that he's not a fantastic surgeon, its just that he could have only started shaving recently and I'm not sure I'd trust him with a scalpel. He looked like a kid dressed up for halloween in his scrubs and pressed white lab coat.

The Crit

C flight was small tonight. The first few laps they were taking it easy, which was fine with me. I was struggling early on to find any power. Kara got sick of the slow pace and attacked on the back stretch. It was awesome! Her short break worked nicely to speed the field up and dump me off the back. She wasn't out too long before being caught. Some young punk pulled up to her and politely said, "ma'am, could you please scoot over" WTF?! She's racing against you and if you don't like her up front then do your own attack.

Once I got off the back I waited to get lapped then hopped back on. I didn't stay for long, I was just done. I wanted a nap. I didn't feel the need to pace with Kara even though she was yelling at me to get my A back in there. I quickly wished I had stayed in since I was immediately acosted with unsolicited advice. Apparently my cranks that used to be awesome, hollow, light and stiff needed to be traded in for the carbon ones which I had been told (by the same person)were too flexible and not stiff enough. Um thanks? Do you have a cheese burger?


Nancy said...

Funny post. What did Kara tell this punk when he asked her to scoot over? Something good, I hope. Did said person offer to give you new cranks or did you tell him (i mean him or her since we have no idea who it is :))to get cranked?

Downhilldiva said...

I believe Kara mentioned something about small man syndrome and proceeded to race harder until she blew. The poor guy is now a marked man. And surprisingly. . . no offer of said fantastic carbon cranks.

Gary said...

MMMMMM Crown Burger. I love that place.
Will never eat there or any restraunt agin but its got a soft spot in my heart. My 400 pound dad would take me there after a hard long day of yard work. Good times.
I would eat two crowns larg fries and a shake.

Downhilldiva said...

Gary, great (and hungry) minds think alike!