Sunday, August 17, 2008

Feeling better about Time Trials

I woke up a bit crabby today. I'm not sure why. . it's not like I had to race the stupid time trial. It's just that they aren't too exciting to watch and I couldn't understand why they needed marshals there 2 hours before they were to race on a closed course. I wasn't looking forward to standing in the hot sun for hours even though I knew I'd get my daily bottle of warm water from the volunteer tent.

But things got better once we got there. First they needed help in the rider sign in. All of the racers got stamps on their hands so I got to hold hands momentarily with the racers so I could apply the stamp. I'm hoping that will give me more good cycling karma and make me faster. I need all the help I can get since I've been standing around and not riding for a few days now.

My next assignment was for the scales at the start line. I really wanted to help be a holder but I feared I'd be too distracted by the skin suits to do a good job and I didn't want to drop anyone. So I settled with touching the bikes. It was a great job since all of the riders had to come by me. They sat in the shade waiting for their start and when they ran out of chairs they sat on my cooler. How many other people can say Tyler Hamilton sat on their cooler?

Ashley quickly tired of her marshalling job. They put her by some barricades and it was pretty obvious which way the course went since the riders were still in a chute at that point. So she came and sat behind some riders and got a few more autographs for her Rock Racing hat. When she tired of that I shoved her into a Canyon bicyles car and sent her out on course behind a rider.

So it was fun but I'm glad its over. I'm not sure that I'll volunteer again. I spent a lot of money driving all over the place. We did get some swag at the end but next year it might be more fun to choose where to go watch the racing and be able to just enjoy it without getting yelled at by motorists and pedestrians. Hopefully there will be a next year.

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