Monday, July 14, 2008

A hidden gem in the desert

After a couple of hours of mountain biking around the Desert Rampage course, which was right by our condo, we headed to Kanarraville for a hike. Since this hike is not actually in Zion there was no entry fee and hardly any other hikers. We followed the river for about a mile. As we hiked the canyon narrowed until we were forced to hike in the cold water. Steep cliffs climbed hundreds of feet above our heads. There were two waterfalls. Fortunately, someone had put in ladders made from ropes and tree trunks to help us get up them. It was amazing!

The trail becomes the river.

No where to go but up!

Stacey climbing the second waterfall. This ladder was shorter than the first but most of it was swinging rope.

Ashley needed a shower after all the hiking.

Austin is afraid of heights so he wasn't too thrilled with the ladders but he conquered his fear and did it!

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Amylawinda said...

Looks like fun. your kids are cute!!