Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cyclocross State Championships

Yesterday was the State cyclocross championships at the Weber county fairgrounds. It was another dry day but very cold. My first lap flat problems continued. 16 ladies started out in B flight. I was towards the back first lap but once we hit the long gravel road and pavement stretch I started passing people. My legs felt great! I thought that if I could hold my position through the barriers and on the grass I may be able to continue to move up on the asphalt.

As we crossed the horse racing track and headed for the barriers I realized my back tire was totally flat. I dropped several F bombs and pulled out of the race. Canyon Bicycles was nice enough to loan me a wheel. I was still feeling good and wanted to race so I waited for the lead pack to come around and since I had left the race behind teammate Kara, I jumped back into the race right behind her. Her and I went back and forth for the remainder of the race. Again I would gain ground on the asphalt only to hear the women coming around me as I worked the barriers.

On the last lap I slowed letting the other ladies pass me since I really was not in contention. Stephanie and Megan fought it out for first with Megan pulling it out in the end. These ladies are awesome! Congrats to all of us for having such an awesome field of competitors this year.

After the B race I went and told the officials what had happened and got my self put into last place. Kara and I found some food, changed my flat and got warmed up for round two. I told her what great training and how fun it is to race A flight. Her and I always manage to talk each other into crazy things. . . the voice of reason as Lacey would say.

The heavy hitters showed up for Women's A flight and soon it was Kara and I off the back and duking it out for last place. Kara made it through 2 laps before blowing herself up and pulling off. I made it through the 3rd lap when I hit my wall. Fortunately, I can ride my bike completely blown, I guess I've done it enough that turning the pedals is now just instinct. However, the barriers are a different story. They were getting sloppier every lap. Getting on and off my bike seemed to be some kind of algabraic equation and I just wasn't getting the formula right. On my final lap I managed to drop my chain and struggled to get back on my bike. I couldn't figure out who raised my seat during the race. The final two barriers were maybe 20 yards apart. My brain decided that instead of the effort of getting back on my bike I should just run (okay a very slow jog) between the two. Thankfully by this time I was lapped and done!

Overall it was a great day. Lousy placement on the results but I'm hoping more for the long term result of improved fitness and higher LT going into next road season.

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Anonymous said...

congrats for staying in. And, as far as hitting the wall, I admire the fact that you're willing to even approach the wall!