Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Double the fun!

Yeah! Thanks to Rios I have pictures. Speaking of Rios, that girl rocks. She did her first ever cross race on Saturday. This is a big leap for a dedicated roadie that confesses to only riding on dirt 2 times previously. But she did great and I think she'll be back!

It dawned on me the other day that the road season is right around the corner. I'd really like to go back and do a lot better than the 22nd place finish at VOS that I did last year. I have also realized that I never go as hard as I do during a race. So I've decided to use cyclocross racing to get my anaerobic training in. I've also decided that 40 minutes isn't quite enough so for the rest of the season you'll see me in both A and B flight.

The B race started off with another front flat out of the gate. Nancy flatted too and after getting her flat pumped up, I pulled out the goathead and Matt and Bart pumped mine up too. Nancy flatted again but I managed to stay in the race and even catch two people.

I drank my recovery drink, went to the bank, cheered for Kris as she raced and then it was time to get warmed up again. I tooled around on the Moab and warmed up with Nancy. She decided that carrying her bike around the course for B flight wasn't as fun as racing so she was headed back out for more.

As usual the speed demon women in the A's were off the line and down the road leaving me chasing. The course was very different from the morning's race since the dirt had thawed to soft sand and mud in places. I felt pretty good for the first two laps but then I was cooked. Nancy must have been feeling the same because she got off course and was coming towards me. I made myself finish though, pushing as hard as I could. I knew I was tired though because I was making stupid bike handling mistakes but I managed to stay up and finish.

It was a beautiful day! I had lots of fun and got in two really great workouts. I also got to spend quality time with really cool, fun bike people. I can't wait to do it again next week.


Rio's Rider said...

Whoohoo! I rock! But, moreso, you do. A & B every week? That's hardcore!

And, yes, said in my best Arnold voice, "I'll be back!" Likely even in Ogden! I'm working my fastest at getting everything ready for T-day early so I can go.

Cyclocross rocks!

Downhilldiva said...

Do come this weekend! Forget about your house. You know that no matter how much you clean your mother will find something to scrutinize, so why bother! Come play in the dirt!!

Nancy said...

It was fun riding with and into you on Saturday. Here's my opportunity to publicly congratulate you on your recent accomplishment. Six years (I believe) of dealing with two jobs, school, kids, and the like and you’ve gotten your Bachelor of Arts in Health Care Administration. Right on! You should be proud.

Downhilldiva said...

Thanks Nancy!