Thursday, September 25, 2008

Crash and Burn

Crash and Burn. That is the new nickname that Scott gave Kara and Me. I'm not sure which one of us is which.

So today I took Kara to her appointment at the wound specialist. Her ankle on her left leg is non-existent from the swelling. There really is no skin from her knee down to her ankle. When she removed the bandages the wound was covered in a nice green slime.

Her conversation with the doctor went like this:

Dr:How did you do this?
K:bike racing
Dr: A motorcycle?
K:no, a pedal bike
Dr:a BMX bike? (sheer puzzlement. You know he's imagining Kara on a beach cruiser)
K:no, a road bike
Me:Like Tour de France
Dr:(Still puzzled) How fast were you going?
Dr and male nurse: silence
Dr:maybe you should wear leather
Me:That would look great with the kit! Ski Utah leathers!

By going with Kara I had hoped that would mean they would give her good drugs and I could drive her home. But no, they slathered her leg with lidocane and the doctor went to work scraping, yes scraping off the green stuff. He scraped until it bled. I cringed in the corner and Kara, stud that she is pulled her hat down over her face and sucked it up.

I was impressed with Kara's fortitude. She threatened to go take care of the patient throwing a fit in the waiting room, she accused the doctor of making grown men cry and she told him he needed to do it faster "like ripping off a bandaid". But no tears and no swearing. I probably would have cried like a baby but dang that girl is tough.

Afer her visit I drove her to the pharmacy where we gawked at the hot pharmacist. Then we had a nice lunch. She still has some more healing time but hopefully with two oral and one topical antibiotic she'll get her ankle back soon.


Ames said...

What a trooper, that girl deserves a medal.

Rio's Rider said...

Let her know I'm thinking about her and sending healing wishes.

Stacey Matheson said...

ugh, i cringed just reading your detailed account. it makes my cankle covered ankles seem like a belssing!

crazy4rammstein said...

Yeesh! I would've demanded a whole bottle of Jack before I let anyone do that to me! Tell Kara I wishher fast healing and no more infections!!

Oh, and, you can still come to the clinic. Don't worry. It's not that strict. I'll be there next week so if you can make it, see you there! It really IS helpful (painful).