Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Here's what 5 years and 5K looks like


This isn't a true before picture- just before the braces were off. When we started this whole ordeal she had a bite like a Shitzu. It is good that we started fixing it early. (If you want to know what an adult looks like with an underbite check out Michael Phelps smile. He has a big bottom jaw and his top teeth are all crowded and scrunched.) If we hadn't started when she was 8 she would have needed her jaw broken to fix the problem! Instead she suffered through palate expanders, retainers, gear and lots of pain. To top it off she throws up every time they do a mold. Today was no exception.


Not a true after. She has 4 nights of teeth whitening and then her smile will be perfect!


L.G. Fife said...

she's cute. Tell her to wear her retianer. I still do- It was SO good to see you last night. you are so much fun-see you soon

Stacey Matheson said...

awe, they didn't wire her mouth shut? She looks even more beautiful!

Downhilldiva said...

No they didn't wire her mouth shut *sigh* She has been talking less though since it is impossible to pull her away from the mirror!

Lacey, It was awesome to see you last night too! We'll have to plan more girl stuff!

Casey said...

Ashley is so photogenic it makes me cry:) Tell me you have some big stick or something to fight the boys off?!?