Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Thanks Gary

Before C flight started tonight I mentioned to Gary the comments made to us ladies the last couple of weeks. Things like "you can't sprint with us" and "ma'am can you please move over?" I figured maybe some of the guys didn't know we were part of the same race.

Gary is a big supporter of women's racing. He wants to see us out there and he loves it when we have a big field and we race hard. So he gave a nice little lecture before C flight. He told the guys that yes we were part of their race and if he caught any of them telling us to get out of the way then he'd get them out of the way. Aaaaah. . . chivalry is not dead! (Our other plan was to sneak Margaret into C flight and let her whip up on the boys a little. That would have been fun but I'm sure Gary would have caught on pretty quickly.)

So off we went. I was inspired by my teammates. Margaret was out there hanging on nicely to the A flight and Jamie stayed in B flight for the whole race. Ski Utah women rock!! Kara jumped into the race late because her tire was flat at the start. The race started out at a decent pace. I worked my way to the front. I forgot how much nicer it is up there. Of course, the pace picked up. I slid back and worked my way back up towards the front. I did that a few times then the break happened and I got popped off the back (nausea again- and no I didn't have a latte and a giant bag of cookies before the race ;)).

I did my usual routine of riding at 5 mph until I got lapped then jumped back into the main field. I hung on until the final lap. It was fun! It is such good anaerobic training and it really does make racing with the girls easier. Besides I'm sure it was one of the last gorgeous nights left before it is dark and cold. Awesome!

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