Thursday, October 16, 2008


Not that you care what is up with me but I just manage to have one of those lives that is well let's just say- never dull.

I figured out the porn music! I was playing around and put a bike game widget way down at the bottom of my blog. I'm not sure why the bike game had porn music in it but some of us cyclists might like porn with bikes in it.

While we're on the Sex subject I'd just like to let everyone know that I am straight. Don't get me wrong I like women, just not to sleep with. While I have lots of friends of varied sexual orientations I am an old fashioned girl and I like boys- usually the wrong ones. It just seems like I've been asked my preference a lot lately. I've also been sent invitation to a lesbian bike tour and been put on some Facebook list of people that I might "like" that are all women. Maybe this is all just an indication that I need to wear make up and do my hair more often.

In other news my 14 year old daughter is mad at me because I wont let her go see Panic!at the disco with some sister of an ex friend of her brother's that got kicked out of her house. She thinks my whole goal in life is to torment her. I took her to Body Worlds. She really enjoyed it but by the time we hit the genito/urinary part of the tour she said, "Mom, I don't want to see anymore penises!" (I really do hope she'll feel that way for the next 10 years!)

Actually it is the other way around- the 14 year old lives to torment me. She has begun wearing all of the same clothes that I wore in Jr. High. Right now she is wearing "skinny jeans", a purple tie and suspenders.(She still hasn't figured out why I keep calling her Cindy Lauper). She has also agreed to babysit my ex-husband's sister's Sugarglider. I call it "the rodent". I thought my dog killed it when he stuck his big nose up to the cage and "Ringo" the sugarglider flew across the cage slamming into the other side.

Recently I've seen pictures of myself. I'm not sure when I grew this spare tire around my middle so now I am on a diet. This seems to make me have less love for people and much less tolerance for them. In spin class this morning I was a tad grouchy with the talkers in class. I said something to the effect that if you got out of bed to come to the gym at 5:30 you should make it productive by burning some calories and moving your legs more than your mouth. I guess it doesn't matter because they weren't listening anyway. It didn't help my attitude that the main yapper had on a UCA Cheerleader shirt.

I was pretty excited today though when my boss told me she'd throw me a party once I finished this class and got my degree. Yeah!A party! Not a promotion, not a raise so I can pay back my Federal Student Loans- A party!!!

Crap, I'm out of calories for the day. I guess I'll go to bed so I can start dreaming about breakfast.


Rio's Rider said...

Okay, that was the best post ever!

I'm glad we got the orientation thing cleared up. I've been a little confused on that. JK! There is no doubt as to which way you are oriented. BTW - I have also had facebook offers from women interested in women. Yuk! No thank you.

I thought I'd be really excited when the HS clothes came back into style. But I just can't bring myself to wearing them again. I think maybe I've grown up a bit?

I think it's the season for grumpiness in the Spin room. I've been a bit of a snip lately too. Mostly with other instructors (yes, you know who)who come in and yap to the class members while I'm trying to teach. And, I'm especially grumpy with my SIL who talks the whole class. I guess I've given her too hard of a time about it lately because she didn't come this morning.

One more thing: I love sugargliders! They are so cute! Not sure I'd want one of my own though.

Downhilldiva said...

My know it all daughter informed me that the sugar glider is from the marsupial family and not a rodent. I just know it has beady eyes.

I think we're in trouble if we're already grouchy in spin class.

crazy4rammstein said...

Hey! Why don't I get invitations from chicks? I'm cute damn it! I wanna go on a lesian bike tour!

I hate facebook. It's just another place in life for me to get rejected. :(

Downhilldiva said...

BG- I'll send you the bike tour info.

L.G. Fife said...

I think you look great- but I know how you feel I try to exercise everyday but I pack on weight like a polar bear. If I ever make it to spin class- i promise not to talk. Don't you love it when the kids want to go to the concerts!

Stacey Matheson said...

don't feel bad, I am trying to calorie count, and I am starting to realize why people don't like me! I naturally have an abrasive personality, but wow, lack of eating whatever I want sure doesn't bring out the best in me!

Downhilldiva said...

No worries Lace- you can talk all you want ;). You always come to work hard. This girl barely turned the pedals and she was so loud!

I hear you Stace- I may have to settle for being fat and happy!!