Saturday, October 4, 2008

Well that sucked!

First cross race of the season and I sucked. My warm up sucked. . . . my big mouth sucks. . .being over emotional sucks. . . my brakes sucked. . . taking out the pole because I couldn't make a turn sucked. . . switching to my mountain bike with the seat waaaaay too low sucked. . . not being able to clip out of my mountain bike sucked. . . being unprepared in just about every way for this race ensured that I sucked.

Before I left James asked me if I was going to race Heber next week. Of course I am! I got all of the crap out of the way today so I am going to have a terrific rest of the season!

Did I hear that there's a cash bar at the UCA party tonight!?


Rio's Rider said...

I hope your big mouth sucked only because of all the air it was taking in from a good, hard effort! I'm sorry you had such a rotten day.

Do you need someone to drive you home from the party tonight? I'll see you there!

Dayna said...