Monday, May 5, 2008

Aaaah finally.

My cross bike is finally home where he belongs. We are still in the getting to know you stage and he's going to need a few more adjustments. I think the bike shop was grateful that I had to leave to go teach my class so that I would leave them alone and quit having them tweak this and that.

It is weird but even though it says it is a 52 cm it feels bigger than my 53 cm Lemond road bike. Now that I'm comparing both frames I can see that it really is bigger and it feels taller from the beefier tires. I'm not sure if the frame difference is because it is a cross frame or maybe the bike shop put a 52 cm sticker on it. (Once again my mistrust of bike shops rears its ugly head!)

So I had the shop put a shorter stem on it, throw on my pedals and adjust my seat height. I still need to flip the stem. It is weird to ride that upright. I need to take off the labia killer of a saddle that is on it and move it forward and probably up. I also need to get rid of the stupid reflectors that are still on the wheels. I was hoping to do all that tonight but instead of playing bikes I had to write a paper.

Tomorrow night is RMR and I get to try out my new shoes. I put the cleats on all by myself so hopefully they wont fall off. But that means it will be Wednesday before my new cross bike and I get a little one on one time to bond. Maybe I should call in sick to work tomorrow. . . . hmmmmm.


Jennie said...

so cross bikes do measure different than road bikes. There is a higher bottom bracket.... My road bike is a 49 and my cross bike is a 41, but they fit about the same. I hope there isn't too much of a difference with your bikes. see you tonight.

Downhilldiva said...

The top tube is a tad higher than I'd like but now that I've flipped the stem and moved the seat forward the fit feels a lot better. I may still drop the handlebars a bit more. Alot of the difference is in the longer fork with more tire clearance.