Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Little Slide Show

So if you are at work and trying not to actually do any work you can click on the link above and see pictures from last weeks Ogden BDO Criterium. You can see me in the pack then suddenly there is a picture of the pack and no Shanna. Then Shanna riding by herself. The in the last few I'm way at the back but thanks to my strong legs I manage to pull off third. James is going to send me some of the best pictures so I'll have them posted here soon.

Last night was the RMR. We were on the oval. I still like the outside better but last night seemed to be a more reasonable pace thanks to some of the Porcupine guys upgrading. (Thanks JT!) There was a crash which is always a bummer. It was probably those stupid cracks! Good to see those BCC guys out and hanging with the pack no problem!

Now I get a few easy recovery days so I can be ready to push hard on Saturday's Crit! Lots of turns and flat, I love it! Now if I can just keep my ADD in check I can do well.

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