Saturday, May 31, 2008

Happy Valley TT Women's 35-39 1st place

Okay, I did narrow the field by racing my age category. I narrowed it waaaaay down to just me. But I at least went out and did my least favorite discipline. At first I felt a little guilty not racing women's 4.

I am actually pretty happy with my time. 1:12 for a 26 mile course. I was hoping to finish in under 1:15 so I met that goal. I felt like I stayed pretty focused on my HR, cadence and speed. I didn't see either the live antelope or the dead one that Kara saw.

In the first few miles I thought I was cruising along at a pretty good clip going 24 when my teammate Jamie (who had started a minute behind me) flew by me like I was standing still. After the turnaround I was passed by Jillian and Diane. As I neared the finish another teammate, Breanne passed me. By this time I no longer felt guilty at all about racing my age. I would have got killed racing Women's 4.

Breanne finished in 1:03! I had given her a hard time at the start because she was wearing Shane's old VMG skin suit and it had lots of extra room and the short were almost knickers. But the skin suit and the girl that cheated and sucked her wheel for 10K spurred her on to kick some Ass. (Okay, the fact that she is just damn fast on a bike probably had more to do with it than anything else.) Jamie's time was not far off Breanne's and she took third. Had I raced my field I probably would have been 9th or 10th.

Unfortunately, I can't say that I like time trials any better. Any other kind of race, regardless of my finish, when I get done I think "that was fun!" and "I'm glad I did it." I didn't feel either today. I was glad to be done and it is always cool to see my friends but not so glad I did it.

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