Sunday, June 1, 2008

I heart Scottie!

Is it finally true? Have I found my cyclocross stallion? Yes, yes, yes!! Third time is the charm.

First I had my heart set on a great deal on a Felt . . . . see previous post about waiting on a man. .

Then I found my beloved Poprad. Beautiful steel carbon mix, Ultegra/105 components but when I got him he was huge! He reminded me of this horse I once loved- Bud Light. Bud Light was a beautiful blonde stallion. Big watery brown eyes pleaded for us to go for a ride in the Uintahs. I'd have to lift my knee to my chin to put my foot in the stirrup. Once in the saddle I couldn't stand in the stirrups because his back was so wide. After a ride I'd feel beat up and sore. He was strong, fast and so sweet but he was just too big.

Fortunately, I have a teammate that is 5'11. She is an awesome athlete and is going to kick butt at cross. The Poprad fits her great. So with her buying it from me I had the money to go in search of yet another cross bike.

The first shop I went in I was thrilled to be greeted by "socks". This guy not only races cross he kicks some serious Ass at it. We talked about ordering the Poprad in a smaller size but with Greg's comments about Lance, Trek has dumped the Lemond line and it is nearly impossible to get stuff from Lemond. I looked at a Rocky Mountain but they didn't have anything small enough in the store and Socks was uncomfortable selling me something I didn't get to try out first. After my experience with the Poprad I felt the same.

So I headed to shop #2. They also sell the Rocky Mountain but again didn't have any in stock. The comment "if you were actually going to race cross" also turned me off. Here is a small tip to people working in shops that actually want to sell stuff. I have money to spend. If you make me happy I may spend tens of thousands of dollars in your shop. Please do not assume that because I have big boobs and blond hair that I am not an athlete, that I do not race or that I am looking for a basket for my beach cruiser.

Off to shop #3. I decided to take the lead on this one. I found a sales person and told him, I raced cross last season, I plan to race it again this season, these are the components I want and this is how much I have to spend. It may have also helped that a friend in the shop congratulated me on winning Bear Lake. Aaaaaah respect!

So they let me take Scottie out for a nice ride. We went to the park and I practiced my mounts and dismounts. We rode on asphalt, dirt trails and grass. The reach was a bit long but that could easily be fixed by a shorter stem. Only the first date and I was falling fast and hard. Back at the shop they swapped out the stem, put on smaller handlebars and Scottie and I left and I even spent about $300 less that I had planned. Looks like I've found a shop where I will be spending future tax returns and any other seemingly disposable income I might find.


crazy4rammstein said...

AH! You can't have the same 'cross bike as me! Yes, it rocks and was love at first sight with me too, but... well, just don't put those shiny red Fulcrum 7 race wheels on it. ;)

Downhilldiva said...

No worries. If you are doing it right your shiny red wheels should be so covered in mud that you can't see them anyway!

Downhilldiva said...
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