Monday, June 9, 2008

RAAM 2008

This is a race that I find fascinating. After finishing Lotoja I decided that 12 hours and 26 minutes was the longest continuous amount of time I ever wanted to spend on a bike. But last year at the PAC tour I got to meet several amazing RAAM finishers and record holders. Lon Handleman still holds the Tandem record from the early 90's. I met Caterina "Cat" Berge and got to hear stories about how she couldn't feel her hands for two weeks after the race. I watched videos of Lon and Susan Notorangolo literally dozing off taking turns riding stoker on their tandem. Amazing!

Anyway. . . 2008 RAAM is underway. The mental and physical suffering these people will undergo for a bike race is truly inspirational. I've added a link to a RAAM blog at the right. Check it out.

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