Sunday, June 8, 2008

The craziest route ever

First here is a picture of my race yesterday. There I am sitting right where I wanted to be. Which is where I was for most of the race. I'm still trying to figure out what happened. Anyway, in my self loathing I forgot to mention that once again my team kicked butt! Kara led Breanne out for the win and Jamie pulled off third. The rest of the team did great as well and we ended up with 6 trophies!

That brings me to today and the frustrations continue . . .

Plan A was to head out with some teammates for a nice long ride since yesterday's crit was so short. We were planning to meet at Canyon Bicycles on Wasatch at 9. At 9:10 I figured I had missed an email since I went to bed so early last night. With no idea where they were I went with plan B. I drove over to my friend Doug's (AKA the Big Bad Wolf if you did Little Red) birthday ride at Murray Park.

When I got there they had already headed out. By this time I just wanted to ride. I knew they were headed up Emigration so I jumped on my bike and headed that way. About half way up I saw them coming down. I turned around and chased. I caught them on Wasatch. I was feeling good so I pushed it along Wasatch and since I had missed part of the Emigration climb when we hit the bottom of Old Mill Road I turned around and headed back up, 2 more times.

I cruised back to Murray park feeling good but hungry. Doug's wife had yummy BBQ ready and beer. About this time I realized that I had somewhere lost my car key out of my pocket. So I finished my beer and got back on my bike. I headed home to pick up my spare key. When I got there I started the mower for my 13 year old and rode back to Murray park once again to get my car.

Out of all that I managed to get in almost 60 miles and a few good climbs. I did not get a whole lot of yard work done but at least the lawn is mowed.


Rio's Rider said...

That picture was taken after the "4-laps-to-go" call. Believe me, I wasn't sitting where I wanted to be. That's me on the front. It shouldn't surprise me that by the next lap I was off the back. I'm still wondering what happened on the lap after this one!

Pull any other good pics? I put a couple of them up just for you. ;)

Downhilldiva said...

Smart A! But yes, I'll be adding some of these to my secret porn collection. I think you'll have to zoom in a bit more on the legs though for BG's taste.