Thursday, June 19, 2008

2 for 2

Well so far I'm two for two. Golds in both of my worst events. Hill climbing and TTing. That pretty much sums up the competition. I met one of my competitors today and she seemed a bit freaked that I race on a team. Then tonight at the TT I saw a competitor wearing a camelback (it was only ten miles.)

But i have to say it was pretty fun. I started behind the old men in both races. So on the hill climb I passed the girl on flat pedals wearing skater shoes, then I passed about 4 guys in their 70's. I don't care it still feels good to pass someone. Tonight in the TT I passed the same old men and some Juniors. Miss thang Tara who started a minute behind me passed right at the end. Dang I've got to get this girl to race!

Tomorrow is the crit! I'm excited because I love crits but a bit scared given the caliber of riders I've seen out here. I'll just need to stay up front or just go off the front. Either way I'm planning on another Gold Medal!

Update on the campers. We still haven't figured out the weird pedophile situation. Now we have a typical 2 and half kids kind of American family and some bikers (the kind with the engine). Their beer is looking good. We do have another cyclist here at the campground. He did the Marathon route and this is his first foray into racing. He DNF'd the hill climb. Bummer of a first race.

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