Thursday, June 26, 2008

What a difference a year makes. . .

I can't believe it has been a year since Gate City. This year is so different:

Last year: Ice paid for my hotel room that I stayed in by myself
This year: Sharing a room and the cost with two teammates

Last year: I drove with a bolster on my lap, under my arm in an effort to force my elbow to bend beyond 90 degrees.
This year: Thank God the elbow bends so I can drink while on my bike

Last year:I followed the Men's 45+ around the road course in my Jeep
This year: I'll be chasing the Cat 4 women around on my bike

Last year: I stood at the turn around of the TT
This year: I hope to gracefully execute the turn around at the TT

Last year: My heart broke when the Women's 4 field lined up for the crit. I wanted to be out there racing so bad
This year: I hope to kick butt at that same crit

Last year: Mitch tore the bumper off my car
This year: I still haven't bothered to get it fixed.

Last year: I made great friends Holly, Rachel, Richard and Missy
This year: They are still great friends but dang am I happy to be racing!!

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