Saturday, May 24, 2008

"Pure Sprinter"?

That is the title I'm going to give myself. It always sounds good when you hear Phil Ligget say it when Tom Boonen is suffering off the back in the climbs. My friend Tara wont let me say that "I'm not a climber" because that is negative. I'm still trying to figure out why I can suffer for an attack on a flat road or suffer for a sprint finish or suffer into the wind on a flat or rollers, but I hate the suffering of climbing. But I still love racing despite the climbs so maybe I'll get better at suffering.

Thanks to 10 extra pounds I'm carrying this year Garden Creek Gap was harder than I remember it from last year. My plan was to pull the speed demons/climbers: Allison, Breanne and Jamie to the climb and let them go. But just the first hill had me worried about hanging on even that long. Finally when it leveled out I caught up and pulled around front where Jamie and Allison were pulling the field. Brandi and I pulled for as long as we could and then let our teammates go off to kick some Ass Ski Utah style.

I watched the pack slide away and I settled into a nice rythm. I managed to pick off a couple of girls on the climb. After the descent I could see Nancy and a girl in green working together ahead. I pushed and pushed but never did catch them. The girls I had passed on the climb were working together and were catching me. We worked together until it was time to climb and I stayed with them as long as I could but the miserable, cold headwind seemed to be sucking the life out of me. I managed to finish but I'm not sure where I placed. I really thought I was last for the whole race so I was glad to see there were at least a few people behind me.

By this time it was hailing at the top. Kris, Brandi and I headed back to the gas station to change into dry clothes. We went back up to the top just in time to see Chase take 1st in his last Cat 3 Race. By this time the it was pouring and since BG felt so bad for those poor boys in lycra that were getting soaked, we offered them a ride. Apparently my little Jeep can fit 5 passengers 3 bikes and a crap load of gear. Happy days!

Congrats to Allison on 1st, Breanne 3rd, and Jamie 4th in the Women's 4 and to Chase on his 1st and Spence taking 6th in the Mens 3. Once again our team rocked it!

Next weekend is the State TT championships. If there is anything I love more that a nice steep hill climb it is a TT! OMG I can hardly wait!! Maybe I'll take a weekend off and pick up dog poo.

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crazy4rammstein said...

You're right. We should say "we are climbers" and be positive.

It's totally power to weight ratio. If a 54kg rider was climbing at 200W (3.7 ratio), I'd have to climb at 244W to achieve the same ratio. Obviously, since I can only hold 210W for 20min right now, I'd obviously blow up within a few seconds to minutes, enough time for them to get a gap on me. I just have to increase my power so that someday I can hold 244W longer. But, you know this.

Oh numbers.