Monday, February 25, 2008

Looking back . . .

This was a team ride that we did in Phoenix. I was cooling down from my crit and the rest of the team was just getting warmed up for theirs. That is me up front on the right (with the weak ponytail.)

So I just emailed one of my best life long friends. You know the kind that knows your darkest secrets and has seen you at your worst and still loves you. I invited her to dinner. I was remembering the last time we went out for lunch. I seriously sat in Chili's and cried the entire lunch. It was less than a week since I'd had surgery to wire my elbow back together. My BF had told me he'd call after his mountain bike ride a few days before and I hadn't heard from him since. I was registered for all sorts of rides and races and I would miss them all because I could not ride my bike. To top things off I had tried to take my first shower alone that morning. I wasn't supposed to get my bandages wet but despite a lot of tape and plastic garbage bags and two hours of struggling I had soaked all of my dressings and would have to have my arm rebandaged and splinted.

So I look back on that bleak day and look at the picture above and realize that just like Saul Raisin told me in an email "things will get better, you just have to believe."

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