Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Valley of the Sun Stage 3 Criterium

Finally, the Sun! Sunday was a great day. Heading to the crit I felt more excited than scared thanks to a fun road race. The crit went well. I was able to stay in the pack until a Prime lap. After dropping from the main field I hung onto a couple of other wheels for the rest of the race. The big thing for me was that I had fun. I wasn't scared at all. I didn't think once about crashing. I loved being in the pack, working hard, and flying through corners. I stayed in my drops and was very comfortable. Physically I was not up to the challenge. I worked hard but couldn't hang. That is okay. I know how to get my body back in shape- especially now I feel my mental game is back. I can't wait for RMR!
I was sad when my race was over. I wanted to do it again. I enjoyed the rest of the day watching the other races, feeling the sun and having a few beers. Ski Utah performed well with Chase gettng 6th in the Men's 3 GC and Laura taking 6th in the Women's 3. The men's 3 crit was especially fun with all of our team out there working hard and looking great! The highlight of the day was Patrick sprinting for the finish and winning the crit on a bike that he had broken the day before.
We stuck around and watched the pros race. It was an awesome crit. Rock racing showed everyone how its done by pulling all 8 men to the front in the final 3 laps and setting up Klinger for the win.
I ended up finishing 22 out of 28 in the GC. Not spectacular results but I feel like I've accomplished so much. I feel like I have overcome my fears about crashing. Of course I know that crashing is always a possibility but it is no longer plaguing me to ride scared. I am excited about racing again and now have the drive I need to train hard for a successful season.

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