Saturday, February 16, 2008

Stage 2 of Valley of the Sun

Today was a good day for me. Not because I did very well but because I felt better mentally than I have in a long time. I had so much fun when we were racing in the flats with the pack. I just enjoyed the momentum of the peleton and I was so caught up in the race that I didn't think once about crashing! Racing was fun again. My teammate Jamie was feeling spunky and went off the front and I had fun blocking her. I also pulled her for a while so she could rest before the climb. I wasn't worried about me- I knew I'd be shelled off the back when the going got steep. Jamie ended up finishing somewhere in the middle of the pack and I pulled it out and there were still about 5 girls that finished after me so at least I wasn't last.

We don't have any official results yet. We think Chase is still doing well in the GC. Laura managed to pull a "Ski Utah" and finish 3rd in the Women's 1/2 category. Unfortunately, Patrick crashed. He's okay and managed to chase back up to the pack and finish but his frame is cracked and his SRM is ruined. Ouch! The pic above is of Scott Patten. He had to go 89 miles today plus another 5 to get back to the car.

Tomorrow is the final stage- the downtown crit. The weather is supposed to get into the 70s. Check out BG's blog to get her take on things and also watch the Ski Utah website for new pics.

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