Friday, February 22, 2008

More pics from VOS

Off the front in typical Ski Utah fashion.
Brandi is getting those action shots. (Can't wait to see them!)

Jamie's looking cool as always.
Tomorrow will be a very different day from the one above. Tomorrow I'm going to go cheer on Sam as he does his BAM Triathalon. A snow run, snow bike and a cross country ski. I'm happy to just watch this one. No more riding my bike on snow this season for me, well at least until Cross season begins. Then bring it on!


crazy4rammstein said...

My hair looks like shit and Jamie is too pretty! We must be able to use this latter fact to our advantage in races...hmm...

I can't wait to see those photos too. I must make my angry shouts to the police down there worth something.

Downhilldiva said...

You can't even talk about hair looking like shit. Mine was a horrible mess the entire time we were there.

Jamie is pretty, and strong and skinny. Too bad she is so nice or I could hate her ;)