Friday, February 15, 2008

Valley of the Sun my @%$!!

The team warms up for a cold, wet time trial.
Our Sognier Brandi isn't very happy about the weather!

Miss Brandi is going to have to update you all our times. Chase is doing the best, currently 7th in Men's Cat 3. Jaime is doing the next best at 17th in the Women's 4. I'm not so sure about the rest. I know I'm 2 minutes behind Jamie in 25th place. Shane was doing well until a flat put him in last and everyone else is sitting in the 20's? I guess we can't feel too bad since we left roads that were not fit to drive on let alone ride bikes on!
Right now it is about 45 degrees and it has rained most of the day. I just have to remember that it is still 20 degrees warmer here than in Salt Lake and tomorrow it is supposed to be in the high 60's for the road race.
Check out BGs blog later for all of the updates. (She is currently chopping mangos for our salsa!)


crazy4rammstein said...

Oh my god I look soooooooo tired. Check out those bags! So much for the hotties I met at VOS, I'll never get a date now! ;)

Downhilldiva said...

I think you look deceptively sweet and innocent! Nice puppy dog eyes.

crazy4rammstein said...

Don't forget to add the Triple Valley SR to your list. I just checked it out and it's PERFECT for us. FLAT FLAT FLAT RR.

can u tell that i'm uber bored at lab???

Downhilldiva said...

Triple Valley is ON!