Friday, January 11, 2008

2 Weeks!

Holy cow! I can't believe two weeks from now I'll have just finished my first stage of my first road race of the new year. Southern Nevada Stage race is only two weeks away and my LeMond has not touched pavement in a couple of months. That is a tad scary. Even scarier is the fact that we'll be racing against people from warmer climates like CA and NV. We'll be the pasty white team that has been working out on our indoor trainers.

The team is planning on using this race weekend more as a training camp than actually worrying about pulling in some wins. We'll be doing a couple of extra rides before and after races. I think it will be a good kick start to the season and I am looking forward meeting and riding with my new team. I'm already seeing huge difference in organization and motivation of my new team compared with my old team. Really with my old team we all wore the same jerseys and if we were lucky we saw each other at races. It is nice to be on a team with some priorities.

I am trying a new training log on Eyebike. We'll see how it goes. I was hoping to be able to sonic link my Polar HR monitor to my PC but none of the Walmart microphones I've purchased have worked. I considered trying to download at work but I thought if I were sitting on the floor playing with my HR monitor my employees might catch onto the fact that I wasn't really working.

2 weeks to warmer climate and hopefully dry roads!

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