Friday, January 18, 2008

Strummin my way to Vegas Baby!

One week to Vegas! My beautiful dark blue Michelin race tires have yet to touch actual pavement this year. Scary to be racing on mostly indoor training. The good news is that I picked up my LeMond and realized how much lighter it is than the Moab I raced for cyclocross. I can't help but be fast on my sparkly blue carbon fiber baby! Sam has taken my bike with him so he can tune it up. I know he'll take great care of her and she'll ride like a dream.
I just checked the weather for Vegas next week. Looks like it is going to be a bit cooler there than it has been. Only in the 40s. Since it has been in the single digits here the 40s will seem toasty! I'm also excited to see Leni. She is my girliest- (total glam!) friend but always willing to put up with us crazy cyclists. Thanks for your hospitality Len!
Speaking of glam. My little Angel Ashley has made it all the way to the final try outs for the Westlake Girls Basketball team! I didn't even know she liked basketball, but like her Mother she throws herself into new things with reckless abandon. I hope she makes it. She'll be sure to bring a touch of beauty to the courts!

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