Thursday, January 3, 2008

Looking ahead. . .

I'm so excited for 2008! I posted my races on the right. (I totally stole that from Black Chick on a Bike but what can I say? She's pretty cool!) Besides, I think it helps if I have my season planned out. It gives me something to work for in spin class.

So, things to look forward to in 2008. . .

*A new team- Go Ski Utah!

*Having other Women Cat 4 on my team! (I got my friend Kara to sign up for Ski Utah Cycling too. She's never raced but she is so athletic and fearless that I know she'll kick butt!)

*Racing all of those races instead of officiating them. (Although everyone that races should have their turn at officiating because it is dang hard work! Thanks Missy, Holly, and Richard and all the other officials for your tireless efforts so we can race bikes!)

*Trying some mountain bike racing even though I suck. (Sucking at things doesn't usually stop me, after all I did cyclocross and did all right!) Although, my road races may win out over MTB races- sorry Sam.

*Riding hard, having fun, seeing the world and making new friends . . . ahhhhh, bike love!

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