Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ashley makes the Team!

Congrats to Ashley for making the West Lake Jr. High Girl's basketball team. The coach said "she doesn't have a lot of skill but she works really hard." (Sounds a lot like her Mother!) She has been working hard and has been up every morning at 5 am to get to practice by 6. I'm very proud of her.

Here is the schedule of her games:

All games are at 3:00 pm

2/4 Olympus @ Westlake
2/6 Westlake @ Churchhill
2/11 Bye
2/13 Westlake @ Bonneville
2/20 Evergreen @ Westlake
2/25 Westlake @ Wasatch
3/3 Eisenhower @ Westlake

Ashley will also be in the chorus for the school play Lil' Abner. I can't wait to come watch her in all of her activities.

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