Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Great weekend!

Sunday I met friends from up North for a nice cross country ski. North Fork Park up near Eden, UT was amazing. Beautiful trails, gorgeous valley and mountain views and hardly any other people. It is worth the drive to avoid Millcreek, which is usually more crowded than Fashion Place mall. We even saw a cow moose! After a great 2 hour ski we went to a quaint little eatery in Ogden Canyon. It was great to sit a visit with other cyclists and talk about training and racing and riding. What a perfect day!

I hopeful that this weekend I will actually be able to take the LeMond out on the roads. So far it is not looking good. Snow projected for every day and colder than- well crap, colder than is comfortable for riding. I'm really going to appreciate riding in the 50s in Vegas. I guess in the mean time I'll just keep trying to kill my spin classes. I had 20 people last night at South Jordan. Lots of cyclists that were thrilled to work hard. I got in another great weight session too. I hope all of this indoor training translates into fast on the road!

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