Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Train, train, train

Well off to the gym for workout two of the day. Although, I'm not sure workout one really counts. 5:30 am step/kickbox burns barely enough calories to justify getting a latte on my way to work. Tonight is one of my favorite classes. I love Monday and Wednesday night spin. I usually have great people that like to work hard. It is that frustrating time of the year though when all of the New Year's Resolution people come in. They always manage to come in 10 minutes late wearing jeans and then I have to interupt my workout to set up their bike. Their buns usually hurt by the end of class and their heart rates are higher than they've been since they were 10. Most will never come back and the resolutions will be broken before January is over. However, a few every year somehow manage to find a little joy, or challenge or something in the spin workout that keeps them coming back.

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