Sunday, January 6, 2008


With only a few weeks until my first road race of the season I thought I'd better get in some serious training. Obviously the roads are not cooperating today so I hit the gym for my own private ride. For the first hour I did hill repeats with Chris Carmichael and for my second hour I did my own private spin class. As I watched the snow fall outside the spin room window, I realized how much I'd rather be outside riding on the snow with my tires slipping around and my heart rate high from pure adrenaline than riding indoors.

I'm trying to see the weather as a good thing. I makes me appreciate when I can throw on some lycra and head out my front door for a nice ride up Rose Canyon. Can't wait for spring!


Tricia said...

Your blog came up on my Google Alerts for Chris Carmichael. Do you train with CTS? I live in the southern part of AZ so most of my rides are outside unless the coach says otherwise. I am not a racer just a soon to be 50 year old, living life to the fullist. My blog site is

Good luck with your goals for 2008, very impressive.

Downhilldiva said...

Tricia, I just happened to purchase an audio workout from Charmicael Training systems. I teach spin classes but the audio workout was a great way to change things up for me. Very motivating and worth the $10. I spent a week in the Tuscon area last year training. It was great! Good luck to you too!