Tuesday, April 29, 2008

5 to Go!

5 more classes to go and I will finally have my bachelor's degree! Since I only have time and can only afford one class at a time it will still be December before I'm done. I'm trying not to get too excited planning what I'll do with my spare time. But hopefully I can fill the time I usually spend reading and writing papers with eating better and training harder. It will be so nice to focus more on my racing!

Here's what I have left:
1.US History (zzzzz)
2.Geography of World commerce (this seems obvious. Oil= Middle East, Cheap, lead filled products= China, Bikes= Europe and the US)
3.World Religious traditions (I grew up here, there are other religions?)
4.Principles of biology (may be interesting but possibly EW! At least with online courses there shouldn't be any dissecting)
5.Psychology of Personality (ha, maybe I can begin to understand what makes myself and my fellow cyclists do this crazy sport!)

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Casey said...

Congrats on almost being done with school! What an accomplishment:) Love the pic above of you and your friends--you all look so cute!