Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Broadway Night

My daughter loves the theater and loves to be on stage. I was excited for her and very nervous when she told me that her and her friend Ashleigh would be singing "Angel of the Night" from Phantom of the Opera at Westlake Jr. High's Broadway night.

My Ashley is an amazing actress but not a fantastic singer and I feared Andrew Lloyd Webber might be a bit of a stretch. But her and Ashleigh stole the show. They came out in prom dresses with hair and make up done to perfection. My daughter strolled out looking confident and beautiful in her evening gown . . . . and skater shoes. At first I was a bit appalled by her choice of shoes but it put the whole night into perspective. The show wasn't about the prettiest costume or the best voices but about getting out there and doing your best. That is what my kid did. I am so proud!

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