Wednesday, April 2, 2008

TT bars?

Why is it that these remind me of the gynecologists office?
Any suggestions? I'm looking at them as a necessary evil really. One of my goals for the year is to finish in the top 50% in a TT. Since I'm usually in the bottom 10% this will be a big goal for me. If I don't finish last it is usually because some poor girl flatted and is walking her bike so she can do the next stage. Stage races are the only reason I'm working on my TT performance. Every single stage race seems to have one! If I lose 3 or 4 minutes off the leader that amount of time is near impossible to make up in a road race or crit.

So, I'm checking out a pair of used bars on Friday for $75 but there are $50 ones on Performance. I guess for me my biggest worry is keeping the pressure of my right elbow. If I can rest on my forearms I'll be okay. But there are wires right beneath the skin on for the last inch before my elbow. Then on the end of my elbow is where the other wires actually come out of the bone. All it takes is a light tap and a nice wave of nausea hits me and I curse like a sailor. Hmmmm. Maybe I should rest on my elbow. The pain might keep me more focused and moving faster to get the darn TT overwith. Oh dammit! I'll never have this all worked out before Triple Valley.

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