Friday, April 4, 2008

Two things I've never done with my bike. . until today

A First! My bike has taken me many places. Mountain passes in Colorado, hippie towns in the desert and even to the border of Mexico. But today we took the tram to the top of Hidden Peak (11000 feet above sea level with a 148" of snow!)

The President of Ski Utah invited us up to Hidden Peak this morning for a team photo shoot. We took the first tram up at 8 am with the Ski Patrol and our bikes. At the top we practiced our pose in the warming hut then stripped down to our kits and ran out for a pic. Hard to tell how cold it really is by the picture but it is not nearly as warm as it looks. We got some pictures with the women's 4 group as well as individual pictures that are coming soon!

Another First! So after consulting with the boys on the team I spent the afternoon putting electrical tape over most of my bike frame. Tomorrow is Hell of the North and I couldn't take my baby to the top of the world one day and then let her get beat up by gravel the next. I am told that this is just the protectant my bike will need!

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