Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Same usual pain different day of the week. Tonight I started off cold with legs feeling like lead. I'm still fighting this stupid cold and the chilly damp air doesn't help things. Tonight there was no hanging onto the fast guys for me, especially since we were in the oval and I couldn't use the accordian effect on the corners to keep up. Hopefully next week will be warmer and drier!

The Ski Utah ladies came out and represented well. Jamie rocked it and stayed in the fast pack the whole race! Way to go girl! Nancy, Kara and I got great practice working together and had a great time. It was good to see Jenny out racing again too.

I'm so excited to see our women out there working so hard and working so well together. Doing the crits will help us in every other race. Every time we go out to RMR we are giving ourselves a bigger advantage over the other ladies that aren't out there working thier buns off or working together. Ski Utah Ladies are going to have a great season!

Now I just need to get some TT bars and talk myself into going out Thursday. TT's are not my favorite thing. ZZZZZzzzzz. . . oh! look at my HR, oh look a bird, oh look I'm in a race and now I'm only going 10 mph zzzzzz. Can you say ADD? Crits and road races are so much more fun. See wheel, chase wheel, rest, go faster, drop someone, see new wheel, yeah corners! No time to look at HR or care! Fun, fun, fun! At least there is Hell of the North to look forward too.

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j_e said...

you did well.

and kicked my butt -- hard.

i'm looking forward to getting you girls in your own races so I don't have to work so hard to avoid losing to you. ;)