Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma!

My Grandma is turning 79! You'd never know it. She is healthy and still as sassy as hell. My parents gave her a cute statue for her birthday last night to put in her immaculate yard. She said "hell no, I'm not putting it outside. The birds will shit on it!"

My Grandma has always been ahead of her time. She taught herself to drive long before women were supposed to. (She did drive with the emergency brake on the entire time but she did it!) She also worked when she wanted to and because she wanted to. I think the most important thing my Grandma taught me was the difference between wanting a man and needing a man.

My Grandma was loved and cherished by my Grandpa and he always allowed her as much independence as she needed. After he died she remarried a long time family friend and neighbor that had lost his wife. Although he is a great guy he had different ideas about what a wife should do. (He wanted her to be at home during the day and cooking him a big lunch and she always has a very full social calendar.) In her late 60's she packed up and left him. She rented a cute little condo with her savings and was ready to reenter the workforce if she had to. It was the bravest thing I'd ever seen anyone do. Even in her 60's she didn't have to have a man to support her. Wanting a companion to enrich your life is one thing having your life and identity dependent on a man is another.

She's back with him now. She's laid down the rules and they spend time traveling and bowling together. She asked me the other day how to lose the little bit of a belly she's gained. Like at 79 you would worry about such things! Gram is my idol! Thanks Grandma for being the strong independent woman you are and for being a great example to me! Happy Birthday!!!

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