Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Baby Project

Ashley asked if her friend could sleep over tonight. What we didn't bargain for was the Baby doll that came along with her. For a school project Ashley's friend Ashleigh (2 of them is 2 too many) has this electronic doll that she must take care of for the next 6 days. How well she takes care of the baby- feeding, changing, consoling- is all being recorded for her grade. Things were going well until we got in the car to head to the gym. The loud singing of songs from RENT made the baby start crying. Both girls went into an immediate panic of rocking, cooing and trying to find the bottle. I thought it was hilarious!

Now that we're home they've mostly forgotten about the poor baby. They are busy singing along with Zac Effron and texting boys. Occasionally one of them will ask the other to check to see if the baby is still breathing. Then they will suddenly revert to playing dolls and they'll love it and goo over it for a minute. Then Zac will be back on and the baby is forgotten about.

It is cute. I wonder how the boys do with it. I also hope it works and that by day 6 the girls will think hard before they get intimate with boys. I wonder if it would have worked for me. I doubt it. I grew up taking care of my little brother and sisters and babysitting a ton, but in the heat of the moment you forget all about consequenses. I'm thinking birth control.

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