Sunday, March 30, 2008

Powertap dreams down the drain? Or put your money where your daughter's mouth is?

One of my employees calls me Scarlet. Not because I have any ability to sew myself a dress out of curtains but because I like to worry about things tomorrow. Eventually though tomorrow usually catches up to me in some kind of crisis that must be dealt with. Then I am forced to "give a damn!"

As you know I've had my heart set on a power tap. Really I am just looking for some kind of hard data that my cycling is continually improving in some fashion. But I may have to face reality and wait until next tax return for such a luxury. Last week at my daughter's orthodonist appointment I found out that my ex husband has likely stopped the orthodontic insurance that he was carrying on my 13 year old. I should have known he forgot about her metal mouth when he gave her a giant bag of bubble gum for Easter! This will leave me with $1800 of metal and rubber bands to pay for. (If you are thinking that my ex should help pay for this you are so right! And you have obvioulsy never tried getting blood from a turnip either!)

Yesterday afternoon while I was taking a shower my daughter ran upstairs to report that water was dripping into the family room again. Fortunately, the $200 I paid the last plumber to cut a hole in the ceiling of my family room and tell me that every thing was fine has not gone to waste since the hole allows the water to drip directly into the family room and not add further damage to the ceiling.

Instead of dealing with the dripping I reacted in true Scarlet fashion and packed up the kids and we went to dinner and a movie. Well tomorrow is finally here and I really need another shower. I guess I'll put a bucket downstairs and this week I'll call another plumber. Maybe I can find a plumber that is a cyclist and he can use the money to by himself a Powertap.

On a side note- I have already set aside the money for my new Felt (see previous Isn't she lovely post) and no amount of dripping is going to keep us apart!

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