Friday, March 7, 2008

The Ladies

I have to start by saying that my camera is a peice of crap. I think it is really a 3D camera because every time I use the flash I get this weird effect. (This was the best picture-the rest hurt your eyes or I'd post them too.) I'll have to find some 3D glasses and see if it helps when viewing these photos.

Anyway, last night was a nice little get together with the other women on my team. It was great to meet all of them. They are all amazing women juggling careers, school, BFs, husbands, kids and a love of the bike and racing. We have a lot of women with a lot of strengths and we are going to kick some butt this year!

We had some great food, wine and even a fashion show (trying on the kits). Laura H. our women's leader came out to welcome all of us. It was really cool. Tomorrow we officially kick off our season with the first crit at RMR. We'll have at least 4 Women racing C flight and at least 1 in B and A flight. Go Ski Utah!!!


Rio's Rider said...

Really? I took the BEST picture? Amazing! Lookin' good! It sure was a fun evening.

I HOPE it doesn't snow on our race tomorrow as is forecasted!

Go Ski Utah!

Downhilldiva said...

Yes, peice of S@#! camera.

Stupid snow. Of course, it is beautiful out now! Grrrr!

Last night was fun. What a cool bunch of chicks we are!